Meet Ricky:

Hi there…thanks for taking the time to find out more about myself and my photography.

what do i love:

FAMILY: I’ve an amazing wife (13 years married can you believe), & 2 adorable kids (I’m not biased at all!), Hollie & Noah

TRAVELLING: Liesl & I spent our student years travelling around USA & Europe (it’s where I caught the photography bug) and love exploring in our tourer with the kids

SPORT: I love golf / hockey / mountain biking / hiking

LIFE’S LITTLE PLEASURES: coffee / chocolate / craft beer / watching rugby / more chocolate


WHAT’S MY STORY: In a nutshell, escaped the corporate world of banking 8 years ago, set up Ricky Parker Photography and have never looked back. I’ve a studio in Bangor yet love venturing outdoors with clients.

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