Meet Ricky:

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about myself and my photography. I'm a creative being who

loves working with creative people to make amazing images.

MY STORY starts with the purchase of a 2 mega-pixel digital camera in New York 20 years ago, shaped by

a voluntary redundancy 9yrs ago (where I escaped the banking world to follow my passion) to the

creation of Ricky Parker Photography.

is relaxed, yet professional and combining a background in Marketing (8yrs) with a creative eye

leads to exciting imagery for all clients, whether it be businesses, families or couples.

is different and that is what makes me tick. I love that the drive to work leads me down roads

I've never travelled before. I love that so often I'm starting with a blank canvas not knowing the end creation.

I love that I'm my own boss and get to work with so many creative people.

MY FAMILY is a massive part of my life and this job gives so many opportunities that I couldn't have had in my

previous work life such as collecting them to school, taking them to their swimming lessons, having dinner with

them most nights and going on spontaneous adventures when the sun comes out or the snow falls.

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