Newborn & Baby

Eat, sleep, cuddles…repeat

This sums up perfectly how newborn photo sessions pan out…some eat more, others sleep more (which is even better!), whilst the odd one wants to stay awake for the whole session!  Every session is different,but good fun.

Newborn sessions are perfect for capturing your little bundle of joy within the first couple of weeks after birth. Their squishy little bodies are ideal for posing and the deep sleeps can allow for the baby to be photographed in a safe position without being disturbed. Baby photo sessions are more relaxed with them being that little bit older and more alert.

More Newborn & Baby

Newborn Session: Little Olivia

The adorable Olivia visited our Bangor studio for a stunning newborn baby shoot recently with Mum & Dad - I loved the white shirts....make for crisp, timeless photographs! <div class="et_pb_module divi_msg et_pb_gallery et_pb_4divi_masonry_gallery_3...

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